What we do

Bloc Vision provides actionable updates for your agricultural resources without a human on site or in harm’s way. Gain peace of mind with Bloc Vision’s network of modular, intelligent sensors monitoring and replacing regular inspections. Bloc Vision even works where cellular can’t, allowing you to focus on your core business, not the IT surrounding it.

With members from every discipline of computer science and engineering, Bloc Vision is eager to deploy its first generation of sensors. We are actively developing the hardware that will enable us to tackle computer vision problems in ways never before possible. Bloc Vision is looking for early research partners to help us develop hardware that fits a variety of needs.


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Our Tenets

Bloc Vision designs to three standards of excellence.


Our smart cameras are the complete sensor package, not a fragment. By analyzing the image at its source, we reduce infrastructure costs and complexity at the back end.


We're tackling the extremes of where Machine Learning can be used. Bloc Vision takes your sensor off the grid, and into the unknown with industrial ratings for water ingress, shock, and temperature extremes.


Your sensor is only as good as the platform on which it runs. Up time, maintenance, and connectivity are all core to the Bloc Vision platform.

Meet the Team

3 Engineers. 3 Backgrounds.


Running the hardware development stack from top to bottom, Evan utilizes established vendor relations and project management skill to see the product through manufacture.


At the intersection of data analysis and embedded design, Jimmy makes use of his background in physics and information science to develop data acquisition and control systems.


Dan’s focus is software compatibility. He has experienced first hand the difficulties that arise when developing, testing, and deploying algorithms for varied architectures.

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