What is Machine Learning, and Computer Vision?

Computer Vision is a field of Artificial Intelligence that trains computers to automate tasks we as humans can do innately. It uses Machine Learning to build algorithms that adapt to a variety of scenarios

How does does it work?

After a camera captures an image, it can be processed by an algorithm that looks for specific features or patterns in order to make an autonomous decision. These features are either uncovered by humans who manually program the algorithm, or 'deep learning' can be used to automatically determine which features and patterns to look for.

Who uses computer vision?

You will find applications for computer vision in almost every industry - from banking, to agriculture, to automotive and healthcare. Implementing computer vision solutions has traditionally required a vast amount of overhead (cameras, mounts, servers, power supply, communications, etc.) but Bloc Vision makes it easy. Bloc Vision combines all of these requirements into a single device, allowing consumers to focus on their core business, not the IT surrounding it.